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Objectives and Brief story of JGMA

JGMA is the only one representative of Japanese gear and gearing industry. The objectives of JGMA activity is to contribute to the development of Japanese economy by promotion technical innovation, streamlining the management and the machine renovation for gear and gearing industry in Japan. It was organized 1938 and restarted as an incorporated body in 1958.

Activities of JGMA
  • Promoting the development of Gear and Gearing Industry.
    For promoting the development of gear industry, make applications and demands to ministry of economy, trade and    industry and other government offices.
    Watch the trend of domestic and foreign industries by keeping close contact with related industrial associations, and offer information to the members.
  • Gear standards development.
    Standard committee was established in 1956 as one of the committee of technical committees and stared making JGMA standards.
    The first standard "Accuracy of spur and helical gears" was published in 1956, and 57 standards have been published up to the present some of these JGMA standards were quoted and adopted as a JIS standard. Standard committee is also handling JIS standards, to meet the requirement from the industry or needs, standard committee modify some ISO standards and make them available as JIS standards.
  • Training
    For improvement and advancement of gear design, R&D, manufacturing engineering, JGMA holds technical seminars regularly. Besides the technical seminar, JGMA holds various kinds of seminars, for instance management, tax matters, economic forecasting etc, and plant tour to excellent companies.
  • Market development and Public relations.
    JGMA participate in JIMTOF(Japan International Machine and Tool Fair) as a cosponsor, and many members exhibit their products, promote business deal and international trade at this fair.
    JGMA also cosponsor the international power transmission Expo.
    JGMA members exhibit their products and promote business deal at this exposition.
  • International exchange
    • Business mission to overseas countries
      Business mission to overseas countries started in 1958, 19 missions has visited IMTOF, leading gear companies in USA and Europe and discussed technical matters and gathered up useful information.
    • Exchange with foreign gear association "Participation to the Gear Summit Meeting".
      In 1991, AGMA brought a suit to the Department of Commerce regarding increasing gear import from Europe and Japan, AGMA required to investigate the influence of increasing gear import on the National Defense.
      Finally, the Department of Commerce concluded that increasing gear import was not a menace to the national security.
      One of the reason of this suit came from the misunderstandings to real situation of other countries.
      With this happening, Eurotrans(Gear Manufacturers Association of European countries)made a proposal to start discussion with USA and Japan for better mutual understanding .
      1st Gear Summit Meeting was held at 1993 in Germany and have been held every 2 years since then.
      JGMA participate in all Gear Summit Meeting and hosted the meeting tow times at Japan.
      Not only Europe, USA, Japan but also, Australia, China, Taiwan, Argentina are presenting the meeting recently.
      This meeting is playing an important role of promoting international friendship and exchange.
    • Activity regarding ISO
      JGMA is the Japanese official council of ISO/TC60.
      Our members have been participating in ISO council and bringing opinions from the view point of Japanese gear manufacturing industry.

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