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To save your time and cost, please read the followings before you inquire!

1. Your Contact Info and Privacy

To inquire, please let us know your company info including full company name, detailed physical address, phone and fax numbers, and the contact person. Such information is needed for prompt reply within 48 hours and facilitates future correspondence like sample and document sending.

1) E-mails without the above-mentioned information will be treated as "spammed" and will get no response from GEARX. The Subject Line of your e-mail should not be left blank, or it will be deleted automatically from our server as "spammed".

2) Beijing GEARX Limited hereby warrants that under no circumstances will such information be disclosed to any third party.

2. Specific Interests

For prices and delivery, please specify your requirements as detailed as possible including part number, description, estimated order quantity, port of destination and terms of prices (fob, CFR or CIF). If there is any special requirement for product treatment or packaging, please indicate them, too.

Generally products from different manufacturers have different part number. To facilitate the product identification, you can indicate the part number of other manufacturers (with the manufacturers' name). If you foresee the products are only available from a limited source, please provide us with other relevant info you have like drawing, sketch, picture or sample for the purpose of identification.

3. Drawings and Data Sheet and Samples

If requested, we will submit drawings for certification or confirmation after the prices are confirmed. Such technical drawings or data sheet are available in the format of pdf, dwg, dxf, jpg, gif, tif, bmp, doc, or xls.

For customers who need sample confirmation before ordering, please bear in mind that the following policy will be adopted:

1) All samples are free of charge with the maximum value (FOB Beijing) not exceeding USD 100.

2) The courier cost for the first-time sample sending will be borne by the consignee. We will send the samples with freight to be collected. So please inform your account with FedEx, UPS, DHL or TNT so that we can proceed promptly.

3) The first-time courier cost will be totally deducted from the contract value of the trial cooperation. Beijing GEARX Limited will pay the courier cost for all samples after the trial cooperation. Import duties (if any) for samples occurred in the consignee's country will be borne by the consignee.

4. Visit to Beijing GEARX Limited

GEARX only accepts customers' visit to GEARX office in Beijing with an appointment arranged in advance, even if one working day before the visit is to pay. We expressly decline customers' random visit without any appointment.

5. Limited Scope

1) In order to offer customers high quality products at competitive prices, currently we do not sell to the public end users. Our minimum order quantity is USD 3,000 per shipment; combination order with other items Beijing GEARX Limited offers is acceptable.

2) Generally we only accept orders by sea freight.  If the goods are to be shipped by rail or by airfreight, please indicate such when inquiring or at least before the order is placed with us.

6. Disclaim and Warranty

The information presented on this web site at is considered to be current, reliable and typical of normal production and is offered for the user's consideration and verification. However, no warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is made as to its accuracy, suitability for particular application or the result to be obtained wherefrom, whether alone or in combination with other products, or in accordance with our direction or not.

In accordance with the policy of Beijing GEARX Limited to consistently improve its products, the specifications on this web site at are subject to change without notice. If any data or drawing shown on this site is critical to your application, please consult Beijing GEARX Limited for certification.

Beijing GEARX Limited hereby warrants that all the products are free from defects either in materials or workmanship. Should any products later delivered be found defective or not in conformity with contract, samples or drawings agreed, we accept the obligations to replace, repair or refund the purchase value paid to GEARX.

7. Copyright

All the drawings and pictures presented at are copyrighted to Beijing GEARX Limited.

Thanks for your time!

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