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GEARX brand non circular gears include elliptical gears(oval gears)/ triangular gears / square gears / multispeed gears / eccentric gears / logarithmic spiral gears / cam gears  for light industry machine, textile machines, machine tool, military affairs industry, potentiometers, CVTs (continuously variable transmissions), positive and negative rotation mechanism, flow meter, hydraulic motor, sprocket, variable-speed windshield wiper.  Products are available in Stainless steel, aluminum, brass resin and plastic. The modul ranges from M0.3-6, The center distance ranges from 5-50mm.

THC also can provides non circular gear's design and manufacture according to customer's specific functional requirements.


Non circular Gears

  • Oval gear(Elliptical gears)
  • Triangular gears
  • Square gears
  • Multispeed gears
  • Eccentric gears
  • Logarithmic spiral gears
  • Cam gears
  • Deformed ellipse gears
  • High-order ellipse gears
  • Planetary gears

Design Diagram for non circular gears

Classification of Non Circular Gears

       Based upon different factors, non circular gears can be classified as follows:

  • Definitions by the geometrical character: enclosed type non circular gears, open type non circular gears;
  • Definitions by the outlines: elliptical gears, triangular gears, square gears, multispeed gears, oval gears, eccentric gears, logarithmic spiral gears, cam gears;
  • Definitions by material: steel non circular gears,  alloy steel non circular gears , stainless steel non circular gears, aluminum non circular gears, bronze non circular gears, brass non circular gears, PA non circular gears;
  • Definitions by processing methods: single-index method, double-index method, template method, generating method, high speed wire cut, slow speed wire cut, NC gear shaping;

How To Purchase Non Circular Gears:

  • Please provide your requirement which included module, centre distance, curve of transmission ratio or description of motion of gears,  type of sun gear and ring gear for non circular planet gear;
  • After customer accepted our quotation and confirm the contract, we supply original design drawing and specialty curves of non circular gears;
  • According to customer's feedback comment and suggestion, we will keep on adjusting and modifying the original drawing and curve to be perfect;
  • We supply geometric parameters and machining code of NC gear shaping;
  • We supply NC codes of high speed and slow speed wire cut;
  • After received customer's approval, we will fabricate sample and provide them to customer;
  • Customer checks the accuracy, quality, curve and material of sample by assembling at site;
  • According to customer's final confirmation, we perform the customer's contact.

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