GEARX is specialized in high quality gear transmission products including gear racks, cylindrical gears,bevel gears,worm gear pairs,non-circular gears and special application gears.

GEARX develops to be an independent company from THC gear department.

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Based on a broad vision and deep understanding of the development of the gear industry, and based on the most professional and outstanding gear manufacturing base in the industry, and bringing together the top professional wisdom and experience of senior craftsmen in each specialized field, GEARX has built its own gear solutions professional team with a new cooperation model.

Based on the customer's needs, GEARX can provide a full set of gear solutions including gear solution planning, program evaluation, program design, industrial design, process design, structure optimization design, prototype production, EVT production, DVT production, PVT production, MP mass production and product upgrade technical support.
Featured Products
  • Gear racks
  • Double enveloping worms and worm gears(Globoidal worm gearing)
  • Dual lead worm gears(Duplex Worm Gears)
  • Offset cylindrical worm gear pairs(spiroid gear pairs, Helicon gears)
  • Plastic oval gears(Elliptical gears)
  • Tilting device gearbox for convertor
  • Tri-ring speed reducers
  • Gear reducers for cement Mill
  • High speed gears
  • Oil film bearing
  • Bearing chocks
  • Screw down nut and screw shafts
  • Leg racks
  • Stainless steel sliding gate racks
  • Ship lift gear racks
  • Worm racks
  • Railcar dumper end rings
  • Carved gear segments
  • Large module straight bevel gears
  • Large module racks
  • Large module internal splines
  • Large module girth gears
  • Shield machine gearboxes
  • Juicero cold press gearboxes
  • Gear-type coupling
  • Communication antenna worm gear pairs
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