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According to China Gear Manufacturers Association(CGMA)statistics in 2004, the products of Chinese gear whole industry are formed of: 60% the vehicle gear products, 36% the industrial gear products and 4% gear equipment as pointed by CGMA. In the entire china gear industry, China possesses the same percentage in vehicle and industrial gears as the conditions of Europe, America and Japan.

Currently, The automobile manual transmission transaxles(including heavy, medium, light, mini and sedan), engineering machinery shift gearboxes, and large and medium sized farm machinery shift transmission and motorcycle gears can entirely be manufactured in domestic production and basically meet the needs of the mother factories. A part of gears and their assembly parts have been exported. But the automobile transmission is still controlled by import products. In vehicle drive axles, spiral bevel gears, straight bevel gears and gears for wheel hub drive, the most of products can meet domestic needs.
In industrial general gearbox field, several foreign solely invested enterprises such as SEW activate Chinese industrial gearbox market. A batch of private own industrial gearbox enterprises in the south of china have developed quickly in the series, modularization, quality and technical level of products in the past five years and can compete with the international brand. The partial products of the Chinese enterprises have reached international level and have been exported to the US and Europe. In the manufacture of the high speed and heavy duty gears, through transfer of technology and digestion, basically, China gear industry have the ability to serve the large scale equipment and the shipbuilding industry of our country.

In particular and special gear transmission, such as non-circular gears, plastic gears, powder metallurgy gear, small-pitch fine gear, so far, leading enterprises in China have not formed, but some enterprise possess technical potential. According to the study of AGMA. in the past 10 years, the biggest change of American gear profession is the application of plastic gears more and more universal. This is the development tendency of world gear industry. This should attract the attention of China gear industry.

In the aspect of gear equipment, our growth rate is impressive in the past 5 years. New products of gear equipment with the world advanced level such as 6-axes CNC Gear Hobber, 7-axes threaded-wheel Gear Grinding Machine, CNC Bevel Gear Grinder, Gear Measuring Center and so on for recent some years have been produced. But as a whole, the level of domestic gear equipment has greater gap compared with Europe, US and Japan. Our country has all kinds of the gear machine tools, but specifications are not enough perfect. The main gear machine tools develop better, but supplementary fixtures or tools are relatively backward. And top products and automatic products are insufficient. Now, the most of finish machining equipments of gear industry rely on imports mainly.
In products, generally speaking, some gear products reach international level. the gear products chain in the market has taken to be shaped, modularization. specialization and OEM market system have begun to appear.

According to AGMA statistics. in 2004 the total gear amount in the world is 47. 9 billion dollars. And the gear demand of America takes up the 1/4 Of whole world.

 Now, America, Japan and Germany are not only large countries on demands but also large and powerful countries in gear manufacture. On demand and production, China should be ranked in fourth place in the world and is close to Italy. In 2005, the china gear industry annual total output value of China has reached 59 billions Yuan RMB. It shows that China has become a large country in gear manufacture. but now is not a powerful nation in gear manufacture.

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