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1.1 Situation of China Gear Industry and Future Five-year Goal.
1.2 "The Eleventh Five" Plan of China Gear Industry and Implementing Suggestions.
1.3 "Three Emphases" and "Three Neglects" in China Gear Enterprises.
1.4 Building the Business Platform and Enhancing the Development of China Gear Industry.
1.5 Independent Right: Building the Foot Stone of China Gear Industry with Powerful Manufacturing and Great Expert.
1.6 Chinese Gear Profession Independent Innovation Situation and Duty.
1.7 Technological Innovation, Core Competitiveness, Famous Brand Products.

China Gear Manufacturers Association(CGMA)

2.1 Work Rules
2.2 General Introduction of CGMA
2.3 Famous Brand and Awards
2.4 Standard of CGMA
2.5 Labs of CGMA
2.6 Introduction of Website of CGMA

China Vehicle Gears

3.1 Automatic Transmission for Car
3.2 Transmission for Mini Car
3.3 Transmission for Light Car
3.4 Transmission for Medium Truck
3.5 Transmission for Medium and Heavy Truck
3.6 Transmission for Heavy Truck
3.7 Synchromesh Clutches for Automobile
3.8 Driving Axle and Spiral Bevel Gears for Automobile
3.9 Motorcycle Gears Standardization
3.10 China gears for Farm Transportation Vehicle
3.11 China gears for Tractor
3.12 China gears for Construction Machinery
3.13 China gear Drives for Combine

General Industry Variable Transmission

4.1 China Gear Motors
4.2 Planetary Gear Transmission Technology
4.3 Harmonic Drive Reducers
4.4 Manufacturing Technique of Small-pitch Involute
4.5 Technical Development of China Industry Gears

China Specific Industry Variable Transmission

5.1 High Speed Gears and Gearboxes
5.2 Aero Gears and Gearboxes
5.3 Marine gearboxes
5.4 China gears for Metallurgy and Mine Machinery
5.5 China gears for Cement Machinery
5.6 China gearboxes of Wind-generating Machinery
5.7 Gear Transmission of Colliery Machinery
5.8 Gear Transmission for Petrochemical Machinery
5.9 Gear Reducers for Lifting Machinery
5.10 Transmission for Locomotive Engines

Specific Industry Gears Transmission

6.1 Gear Pumps
6.2 Powder Metallurgy Gears
6.3 Non-circular Gears
6.4 Mechanical Infinite Variators
6.5 Overdrive Clutches
6.6 Plastic Gears

Gear Material and Process

7.1 Steel for Vehicle Gears
7.2 China gear Material
7.3 Situation and Development of Fine-forged Gear Blanks
7.4 Situation and Development of Industrial Gear Process
7.5 Process and Equipment for Gear Heat Treatment

Gear Manufacturing Machine Tools, Cutting-tools and Instruments

8.1 Gear Manufacturing Machine Tools
8.2 Gear Grinding Machines
8.3 Gear Measuring Instruments
8.4 Gear-cutting Tools

Gear Lubrication

9.1 Lubrication for Gear Products and Manufacturing
9.2 Situation and Development of Gear Heat Treatment with Quenching Medium
9.3 Applying Situation of Cementite Technology for Gears
9.4 Special Lubricafion for Mechanical Infinite variators


10.1 Statistics
10.2 Calendar of CGMA
10.3 Calendar of Gear Manufacturing Committee 0f China and Gears
10.4 Work-points from 1990 to 2005
10.5 Name List of the Leaders of CGMA

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