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Setting into Chinese National Emblem, Chinese gear represents as the "Industry",and specifically symbolizes machine-building industry. The technology and capital of Chinese gear Industry is the most intensive one among machine building industry. Gear transmission is the main drive used for almost all complete set of machine installations. Chinese gear industry consists of three parts:

1 Chinese vehicle gears(mainly for automobile, engineering machineries, agriculture machineries, motorcycles, auxiliary of military vehicles, etc..).

2 Chinese industrial gear transmission and speed change on and speed change boxes(mainly indicate industrial general-purpose speed change boxes and special gear gearboxes used for auxiliaries for metallurgy, mining, building material, marine, aviation, railway, petroleum, chemical, light industry, textile, instruments, packing and printing machineries, etc..)

3 Chinese gear processing equipment(such as processing large gears with 15m in diameter, the weight of gear box even may reach to 100 tons. while the small machine tools can process gears in several millimeters in diameter used for instruments).

 Chinese gear industry is developing at high speed. At present, there’re nearly two thousand of large and small gear transmission manufacturers in China. Among them, more than 300 gear manufacturers are belong to key enterprises with annual sales income about 10 billions USD. The scale of gear industry is comparatively largest among the Chinese machine-components building industry.

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