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With the boom of Chinese economy, especially the fast development of automobile industry, China gear manufactures and China gear industry has also gotten fast development. In the past 5 years, the average increase speed of China gear industry was near 20%, industrial scale has turned one for 5 years. In 2005, the China gear manufacture' year output value of the gear industry has reached 59 billions. The china gear industry has become the biggest profession in scale among the machine-components building industries in China.

Now, Near 2000 big or small china gear manufactures exist nation-widely in China. Among these china gear manufactures are more than 300 key gear enterprises and the more than 50 enterprises are ones which their output value exceed more than 100 millions Yuan RMB. The capital structure of China gear manufactures has made up of stock companies and private enterprises and joint(or foreign sole)ventures. All kinds of stock companies, which resulted from  state-owned enterprises restructure, have become the foundation of China gear industry and have gotten quick development during 20 years reformation. The annual sales of a batch of the china gear manufactures have exceeded one billion. The private enterprises have been developing at a higher speed, already become the main force of Chinese market and are entering international market with flexible way and competitive advantage. These china gear manufactures have the sale scale of 0.1~1 billion Yuan RMB. the technology of joint ventures is advanced and marketing is more mature. Their products and management perform in exemplary role in Chinese gear profession.

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