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China national policy of building a moderately prosperous society, the social development gap among the eastern, central and westem of China, market diversification and economic globalization provide China gear industry with sustained development space in the future, the improvement of China's market economy and the standardized market competition are the driving force of China gear industrial development. China's urbanization, industrialization and manufacturing industry development will bring development space of over 10 years to mechanical equipment and the automobile industries in China.Gear transmission is the main drive style used. Therefore in the next 10 years,the rapid development of China gear industry will continue.

In the CGMA annual meeting last year,China gear industry set "Promoting China to be a Powerful and Large Gear Country in manufacturing and Export" as the development goal of the llth Five-year Plan”.Meantime, the six tasks were put forward as follows:
1 International level products.
2 The world's advanced enterprises.
3 Independent trade platform.
4 International standard technology platform.
5 Internationalized human resource engineering
6 Digitalized CGMA platform.

Therefore, the prospects for the development of China gear industry will show:
1 Among thousands kinds of products,hundreds of series and 3 big categories in gear industry, a batch of gear new products with international level and intellectual property will arise.
2 A batch of world famous brand and world famous gear manufacture enterprises will arise,many professional small and medium-sized enterprises will enters global buying system and OEM to form a complete set.
3 Our independent and professional gear trade platform will be established and play a leading role in trade negotiations, export and import trade,technology exchange.consultations and industrial chain management organizations.
4 Advanced international gear standards will widely be in use and standardization system of gear products will be formed.
To meet this requirement and reduce duplication of investment. a system for cooperative product development.test and check,which will be led by China backbone enterprises, will be established, and a batch of professional industry laboratories will be built and have the ability of the independent testing capacity. Facing common technologies, the basic technical data platform will be established by the connection of colleges,research institutes and enterprises so as to serve for the enterprise gear products autonomous development. Meanwhile, the international cooperation will be established with international top businesses, research institutes and international design companies to promote win—win model of cooperation.The ability of innovation of China gear industry will be substantially upgraded.
 5 Intemational famous experts will serve for China gear industry.The excellent entrepreneur of gear industry and outstanding gear experts will arise in group; various professional and technical training centers in gear industry will play an important role.
6 Digitalized platform of CGMA will be the public platform of China gear industry.

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