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China gear industry has been developing rapidly and the prospect is exciting,But compared with Europe, U.S and Japan there is a certain gap, mainly as follows:
1 Insufficient innovative ability;
2 Slow new products development;
3 Disorderly competition;
4 Weak management, processes and equipment quality;
5 Low level of information technology;
The overall quality of practitioners to be improved. 

To shorten these differences and achieve development target of "the 11th five-year plan", China gear industry must set about from the following aspects:
1 Focus on "Lean Manufacture+Information Technology" to promote enterprises management upgrading;
2 Establishment of a trade platform based on professional gear exhibitions;
3 Establishment of a technical platform based on independent technical innovation;
4 Establishment a information network platform based on CGMA website;
5 Promotion the coordination functions of CGMA and establishment of a coordination system in China gear industry.

After five years of development,China gear manufacturing enterprises will gradually change from intensive management to informative lean manufacture. China will become a big gear country in both exports and imports. In the future,China will be the hottest emerging gear markets in the world. Opportunity is calling.

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