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AGMA Mission Statement
To help members compete more effectively in today's global marketplace.

History of the American Gear Manufacturers Association
Since its founding by nine U.S. gear companies in 1916, AGMA has grown, prospered and redefined its role. Today, the Association is a global organization representing approximately 400 companies worldwide It has diversified and broadened its services to include both technical standards and business management practices for America and the world.

The growing needs of industry for quiet operation, and particularly for the automotive industry for timing gears, created a new market. There were few standards, if any, for non-metallic gearing at this time, and some of the involved manufacturers saw the need for the development of standards for such gearing.

The gearing industry lacked an organization of its own for the development of such standards, and, therefore, several large and small gear manufacturers were invited by the R. D. Nuttall Company to discuss the possibilities of developing such standards.

In 1916, several gear manufacturers participated in the discussions and thus the organization was born. The initial membership of AGMA consisted of nine companies: Cincinnati Gear Company, Earle Gear and Machine Company, Horsburgh and Scott Company, Newark Gear Cutting Machine Company, the R.D. Nuttall Company, Philadelphia Gear Works, Pittsburgh Gear and Machine Company, the Simonds Manufacturing Company and the Van Dorn Dutton Company. They elected an executive committee to draw up a constitution and elect officers and scheduled the first official executive committee meeting for early 1917.

The Executive Committee meeting was conducted; the constitution was drawn up; and the American Gear Manufacturers Association was on its way. The objectives of the Association were stated in Article II of the constitution, which were:

The discussion of subjects of interest and value to the industry in which its members are engaged;
The advancement and improvement of that industry;
The collection and dissemination of statistics and information of value to its members;
The standardization of gear design and manufacture and application; and
The promotion of a spirit of cooperation among its members for improved production and increased application of gears.
The First Annual Meeting of AGMA was held May 14-15, 1917, at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In succeeding years, annual and semi-annual meetings were held, and various communities were formed. Cooperation with other societies for standards was promoted, such as with SAE and ASME. Many of the universities and technical schools had representatives as academic members, who added considerably to the proceedings, as they do today.

AGMA Today
From these modest beginnings, today AGMA is a strong, growing organization that began the 21st Century with about 400 members in more than 30 countries. To support the industry, the Association has a full-time staff of twelve, with a professional management team, consultants and a volunteer leadership team of which all the membership can be proud.

As in the beginning, one of the principal mainstays of the Association’s activities is the development of voluntary standards. But today, a range of programs has been added to the list of services provided to the industry:

An open standards development process that produces quality standards designed for the needs of the American and global marketplaces;
Statistical Programs, such as the Monthly Market Trend Report, the Operating Ratio Report and the Wage & Benefit Survey;
Government Relations programs that deal with the federal administrative and legislative issues that directly effect the operations of a gear company;
Technical papers and information, provided to the members in both electronic form, published form and through major meetings such as the Fall Technical Meeting;
Management programs covering the issues of concern to gear industry executives, through programs such as the Small Business, the Marketing and the Statistical Councils; as well as the industry’s Annual Meeting each March.
Representation in international organizations, such as the ISO and Eurotrans, to promote an international understanding of the concerns of gear industry.
GEAR EXPO - "The Worldwide Gear Industry Event" – held every other year in the U.S.
Throughout AGMA history members have proposed worthwhile projects that would advance the gear industry. Often, these projects required funding beyond AGMA’s traditional budget. In 1994 a group of interested AGMA members created the AGMA Foundation to seek and provide funding. To date the Foundation has raised more than $1.8 million for gear industry projects.

AGMA Leadership
The American Gear Manufacturers Association's leadership consists of an elected Board of Directors and Executive Committee Officers who provide guidance for headquarters staff, approve the organization's objectives and ensure that the Association exercises sound fiscal oversight in performing its mission.

AGMA staff, under the guidance of the AGMA President, provides day-to-day operational support for the Association's mission and objectives, including recruiting, retaining and supporting AGMA members, guiding the development and review of technical standards and other publications, and coordinating educational, training and membership event opportunities.

AGMA Technical Committees
AGMA has long been known for the development of standards for use by the gearing industry. This work is carried out by the members within its 25 Technical Committees who contribute their knowledge and experience while taking advantage of the educational opportunity to learn from interacting with their peers.

As the list of committees indicates, they address nearly all the major topics which are critical to the design, manufacture and application of gears – from load capacity and lubrication to accuracy and inspection.

Technical Committees are responsible for the timely development, maintenance and accuracy of the technical publications of AGMA. In addition, since AGMA is the focal point within the U.S. for the development of ISO standards on the subject of gearing, the committees serve as Technical Advisory Groups on international documents germane to their field of expertise. ISO committees in which AGMA holds leadership positions are included at the bottom of the page

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