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The Precision helical rotors are the core component of the screw pumps and flowmeter. Tooth flank shape is different,
required high precision, machining rotors with great difficulty, especially the helical rotors which are used for screw
compressors, refrigerating machines and industry pumps.

Processing difficulties
The rotor's teeth number are few, the lead angle is large.
The helical rotor's shape of cross section is combination of involutes and cycloid.
The helical rotor's profile is much complicated.
The helical rotor's tooth flank has complex curve surface.
The helical rotor's mechanism of data analysis and CNC grinding machining.
The helical rotor's truing and dressing of complex curve surface and the automatically compensate for the error.

helical_rotors helical_rotors
Helical Rotors
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Helical Rotors
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