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Fabricated (welded) gears

Fabricated (welded) gears are generally manufactured when they are more economical than forged or cast gears. Gear rims are normally forged or rolled rings, formed alloy plate, or, less frequently, cast. Hardenability of the gear rim steel must be adequate to enable a 1000_F (540_C) minimum tempering temperature to obtain hardness. The welded assembly
should, therefore, be stress relieved at 950_F(510_C) minimum [50_F(28_C) below the tempering temperature]. Gear rims used in the annealed condition can be stress relieved at 1250_F (675_C).

Forged or hot rolled die generated gear teeth, with the direction of inclusion (metal) flow parallel to the profile of teeth, result in the optimum direction of inclusions for gearing. Application is limited because quantities or critical application considerations must justify the increased development and die costs.

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